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Squirrel removal services in Dover

As the top provider of squirrel pest control services, we can not only expertly solve your problems but also stop them from happening again. Proofing (or blocking of access points) is used to achieve this. 

Handy Information About Squirrels

Squirrels will go to any lengths to defend their “territory,” which they establish when they discover a location to nest. Particularly when there are babies inside the nest. This implies that when disturbed, they might become quite irritated and even aggressive. It’s a frequent misconception that blocking the animal’s entry hole will solve the issue. Unfortunately, this is untrue. 

Blocking entry points shouldn’t be done until the squirrel infestation has been totally controlled. 

By closing the opening, the adults and frequently their young cannot access their nest. Instead of discouraging them, this will encourage an attack on any blocking work. If they are unable to pass through it, they will continue to try attacking fascia boards until they do. 

We have seen this happen many times, and it frequently causes damage worth hundreds or even thousands of pounds. 

Grey squirrels are considered a pest, hence it is against the law for pest controllers to trap and release them. For the removal of any insect issues, including squirrel infestations, we employ the most compassionate techniques. 

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