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Dover Pest Control

The domestic pest control expert you can trust.

Dover Pest Control pride ourselves on outstanding customer service, and our many 5-star reviews on Google.

Domestic Services

I highly suggest Dover Pest Control since they are very informed and skilled at getting rid of pests.

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Our domestic services

At Dover Pest Control, we can help you with any residential pest control issues you may be experiencing.

Rat infestation problems are very likely to arise in your home. House mouse pest control in homes (mus-domesticus) Gardens and residential properties draw brown rats at different times of the year (rattus-norvegicus).

Never ignore a possible rodent issue. Pests can seriously damage properties if given the chance to proliferate. There is also the financial component of any repairs in addition to any bodily harm. The fact that they can spread harmful bacteria throughout your home and garden, though, is the biggest issue. The most obvious signs of this are their tracks, urine, and excrement.

The pest control expert you can trust.

Eliminate, Defend, Protect.

We use safe and environmentally friendly measures.

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“Dover Pest Control was wonderful; they arrived the same day, were knowledgeable, and were professional,” said the customer. “The task was completed fast and efficiently.”

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